Kattawagami River Trip  
  July 2006  

A 2-week canoe trip that saw six weekend adventurers travel the remote Kattawagami River in northern Ontario from a put-in off of an old mining road north-east of Cochrane to the James Bay tide-influenced waters where the Kattawagami, Harricanaw, and Kesagami Rivers converge.

This canoe trip started from the Ontario Northland train station in Cochrane where Rick from Coureur De Bois Adventures picked us and our canoes up for the 2 hour drive to the put-in. The 14 days that followed were a challenge of dealing with mosquitos, black flies, low water levels, rain, and long hours of paddling. Of course, the days also provided companionship, wildlife, and best of all, escape from work, traffic, and the never-ending stream of bad-news stories.

The trip ended with a ferry across James Bay thanks to Cree Indians from Moosonee and their large freighter canoes and then a 6-hour train ride back to Cochrane.

Day 1 - Cochrane to Rd 652 Put-In to Camp 1
Day 2 - Camp 1 to Bayley Lake
Day 3 - Bayley Lake to Pineapple Rapids
Day 4 - Pineapple Rapids to Triple Tongue Rapids
Day 5 - Triple Tongue Rapids to Adrienne Falls
Day 6 - Adriennce Falls to Maze Falls
Day 7 - Maze Falls to Raindrop Falls
Day 8 - Lay-Over Day at Raindrop Falls
Day 9 - Raindrop Falls to The Needle
Day 10 - The Needle to The Devil
Day 11 - The Devil to Last Island
Day 12 - Last Island to Trapper Cabin
Day 13 - Trapper Cabin to Abandoned Camp to Moosonee
Day 14 - Moosonee to Cochrane